Kitchenque Recipe: Smoked Mozzarella Caprese Salad Recipe!

The Kitchenque Brings Smoked Foods Indoors! 

The Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker lets you bring amazing smoked flavors inside. Getting your BBQ fix during the winter is now achievable. The Kitchenque is great for people who live in an apartment with no backyard, or anyone who isn’t quite ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a big outdoor smoker.

Kitchenque indoor Smoker

How It Works

The Kitchenque consists of 4 pieces; lid, rack, drip tray, and base. Setting up the smokers for cooking is simple and quick. Place the base...

Alternative Grilling Methods That Work Better Than Your Own Barbecue

It is true that Kettle grills, kamados, and offset smokers are supurb at their job. Yet, sometimes a recipe calls for a unique style of cooking that these catch all grills just can't match. Here are two alternative grilling methods I have found that really take a recipe to the next level when used right.

Method 1. It Starts With The Starter 

chimney starter

A charcoal chimney starter is a great way to start coals fast and efficiently but that’s not all it can do. You can use your chimney starter...

5 Trade Secrets For The Best Grilled Chicken

Is Your Grilled Chicken Lacking?

Dry, burnt, or bland… We’ve all experienced it before.  You’re at a BBQ and you are offered some chicken. You take your first bite and the meat is dry and the skin and sauce are burnt and bitter. You tell the host it’s delicious only because when you grill chicken it ends up being the same. You start to believe that this is the way that grilled chicken is supposed to be and accept mediocracy as perfection.

Grilled Chicken Recipe for Perfect Chicken

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but...

5 Accessories Every Grill Master Needs In Their Grilling Tool Kit

5 Accessories Every Grill Master Needs In Their Grilling Tool Kit

5 Accessories Every Grill Master Needs In Their Grilling Tool Kit

Just like a workshop needs the handyman essentials, every grill master should have these 5 tools if they expect to get the job done right. Without them, you are probably cutting corners no matter how advanced of a griller you are. Here is a look inside my toolkit with my go-to barbecue accessories. In no particular order, these are the tools I reach for almost every time I fire up the grill.

1. The Pit Mitt®

It is no question that every pit master needs a set of grilling...

Charcoal Companion's New Online Shop!

Charcoal Companion's New Online Shop!

34 Years Of The Best Grill Accessories 

Charcoal Companion® was born in 1984 making this our 34th year in the business of bringing the best BBQ tools and BBQ accessories to grillers around the country. 

CEO Chuck Adams refers to us as, “The first company in grilling.” By first he means that many product concepts were first brought to market by our company. Charcoal Companion® is proud to be a force of change and evolution in the grilling industry, holding numerous patents and original designs. 

grill cleaning Grill Accessories

It all began with the...