5 Accessories Every Grill Master Needs In Their Grilling Tool Kit

5 Accessories Every Grill Master Needs In Their Grilling Tool Kit

Just like a workshop needs the handyman essentials, every grill master should have these 5 tools if they expect to get the job done right. Without them, you are probably cutting corners no matter how advanced of a griller you are. Here is a look inside my toolkit with my go-to barbecue accessories. In no particular order, these are the tools I reach for almost every time I fire up the grill.

1. The Pit Mitt®

It is no question that every pit master needs a set of grilling gloves! The problem is most are bulky and hard to manage due to their need to withstand high heat. The Pit Mitt®, however, is like wearing a second skin. It makes for agile handling of items while grilling. This glove uses aramid fibers, which are also used in aerospace and military applications, to form a barrier that prevents heat from entering the inner layer for ultimate protection. The mitt is heat-safe up to 475°F (246°C).

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The Pit Mitt® is also reversible for left or right hand and has a soft cotton lining and silicone textured surface for superior grip. Its long length protects the wrist and lower arm and can also be used in the kitchen or anywhere you come in contact with hot surfaces.

I have two just to make things easier and use them anytime I am cooking.

2. FLEX Grill Sheets™

FLEX Grill Sheets™ is an accessory that makes grilling and clean up 100x easier. Cooking directly on grill grates can dry out food and drain their natural juices. While we all love the look of flare-ups, we know this is just precious flavor stoking the fire. With FLEX Grill Sheets™ I can cook, steak, chicken, pork, and seafood while retaining the moisture in the meats. Also perfect for veggies, pizza, crab cakes and even wet food like pancakes and eggs which would otherwise slide through grates.

The various sheets are reusable, durable, and heat resistant to 600°F.

The Combo Pack includes 4 burger patty sizes, 1 fish, 1 for general use, and 1 pizza sheet. 

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The main reason these sheets are a go too accessory though is the ease of clean up they offer. Once the sheets have cooled, all you have to do is take them off the grill and place them in the top rack of the dishwasher or wipe them down with a damp cloth. This leaves your grill spotless, no dirty grates to scrub, and no buildup of grease inside your grill. 

3. Marinade Injector 

If you grill often then you know that meat preparation is a huge part of where flavor and tenderness come from. Because brining or marinating is an essential step anytime I cook, I use a marinade injector to infuse my meat with flavor and moisture. 

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With this injector, you can add your choice of marinade, brine, or other liquid right where it needs to be: on the inside of your meat. The marinade injector includes two needle tips for different kinds of marinade: a single-hole needle tip for thicker marinades, sauces, or pastes, and a multi-pinhole tip for thinner marinades, brines, beers, or wines. So no matter how you prep your meat to be grilled, the marinade injector has a job to do.

4. Pocket Digital Thermometer 

There are many different meat thermometers on the market for different tasks. The main point is that you need at least one! While sometimes I test doneness by touch, I have always had a digital thermometer in my pocket for the times I was not so sure. 

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This pocket-sized digital thermometer makes it easy to read the temperature from different angles without removing food from heat. Easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the flip of a switch to follow any recipe and always have your food cooked perfectly. 

5. Safe Scrape®

When all is said and done (and eaten) you are going to have to clean your grill grates. The Safe Scrape® wooden scraping paddle removes debris from grill grates, while the heat and pressure from cleaning slowly shape your paddle so that it fits the grate perfectly. The more you use it, the better it works. Plus the wooden scraper avoids the dangers a wire bristle brush may pose to you and your guests’ health. 

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What Does Your Grilling Toolbox Look Like? 

There are a number of other tools in my grilling toolbox,  including my spatula and tongs, but these 5 are the most essential in my toolkit. I am curious to know what are the grill tools you use the most? Did I miss something essential? Shout it out or tag me on Instagram @charcoalcompanion during your next cookout! 

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