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How to make smoked nuts on the grill! 

Ribs, brisket, and pork shoulder tend to get most of the real estate in a smoker and rightfully so.  They are some of the most flavorful cuts of meat for low and slow cooking. The problem is not everyone has a full-sized smoker.  Don’t worry with the Non-Stick Gas Grill V-Smoker Box you can turn any gas grill into BBQ. The V-shape of the smoker allows it to sit between the deflector bars of most grills. This creates a ton of great smoke flavor without the huge temperature swings that can happen with a traditional BBQ.    

   As much as I love brisket or pulled pork, I think it’s about time for the BBQ staples to scoot over and share some space on the grill. Before we get to the recipes it’s important to understand a couple of key principles of getting the great smoke flavor. First and for most, it’s all about surface area. The more surface area you have the quicker smoke flavor is developed. Secondly, you need moisture. This isn’t usually an issue with most ingredients but it is an issue in certain situations. I have two recipes that do a good job demonstrating these principles one in a smoked nut recipe and the other is smoked honey.

Smoked nuts recipe

Nuts have very little water content to them and if we want to make truly smoky nuts you first have to introduce some moisture to them. This can be done by soaking the nuts in a liquid before smoking them. This could be almost anything including something as simple of water. It might seem counter-intuitive to soak something that you want to be crunchy and roasted, and in a sense it is. The soaked nuts will take longer to roast but it also gives the smoke something to stick to. If you were to skip this step you would get nuts that might cook quicker but the smoked flavor would be very minimal.

Smoker box

Honey, on the other hand, contains a decent amount of water but special consideration still need to be taken. Because it is a liquid you have to place in some sort of container. The problem is this only allows the top of the honey to come into contact with the smoke while the rest is shielded by the bottom and sides of the container. This severely limits its surface area. We can minimize this by placing it in a large container, preferably one that can hold the honey without it being more than ¾ of an inch thick and stirring the mixture frequently.    

Salt and Vinegar Cashews


  • 2 cups of cashews
  • 2 cups of apple cider vinegar
  • salt 

Place cashews in a bowl and cover with the apple cider vinegar. Allow the nuts to soak for 10 minutes. Meanwhile add wood chips to your V-shaped box smoker and turn the burners on underneath it. Adjust the temperature so that it stays within the 200F-250F range. Strain the cashews and toss with a generous amount of salt. Place the nuts in a shaker basket and roast until they are golden all the way through, about 30 minutes. Be sure to shake the nuts at least once through the cooking process.

Smoked Honey


  • Honey (nothing too expensive but you should do a minimum of 1.5 lbs.)

Smoked honey recipe

Preheat the grill with a Non-Stick Gas Grill V-Smoker Box aim for a temperature between 200F-250F. Place the honey in a heatproof dish like a glass baking dish. You want as much surface area as possible. So am for the honey to be no more than ¾ of an inch thick but no thinner than ¼ of an inch. You are going to want to stir the honey every 20 minutes. Smoke for at least an hour or until the honey has the smoky aroma you desire. Serve with your smoked nuts and enjoy! 

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